Life Lessons

I like to think that I am a dedicated life-long learner.

Photo by Element5 Digital (Upsplash)

I do not mean that I spend my life buried in books. Okay, maybe a bit, but it is more a state of mind and a chosen lifestyle.

Every day offers a myriad of lessons. More than I know. I take my Life Masters classes in the grocery store, watching kids play, digging in the garden, taking the dogs for a walk and in conversation.

Many conversations; with family, neighbors, a small circle of intimate friends, other friends who share my belief and those who don’t, political acquaintances and those who spend a lot of time contemplating the meaning of it all.  I engage in lessons with physical fitness nuts and couch potatoes, the elderly and the very young, the highly educated and the illiterate, the wealthy and the impoverished.

When I heard someone say all the world is our classroom, I took them literally. I find teachers who are human, those that grow in the woods and those that prowl in them. Sitting with a crowd, in silent meditation or while reading.

These are some of those lessons.